9 Reminders for Your Wedding Day

I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times since the day you got engaged: your wedding day goes by in the blink of an eye!

You plan this one day for such a long time (sometimes over 2 years!), then when the day finally arrives, there are a ton of details competing for your attention! From staying on time, to talking to that second cousin you haven’t seen in years, to remembering to eat the delicious food you picked out…it can be overwhelming!

It’s hard to stay present in each moment as the wedding day unfolds. And that’s why my responsibility as your wedding photographer is something that I don’t take lightly—I understand that you have trusted me to capture all those moments, big and small. But in order to make your day run smoothly from start to finish and to enjoy as many of those fleeting moments as possible, here are nine reminders for your wedding day:

1. Remember to take five minutes to step back and soak it all in.

It’s finally here! Your wedding day! After months and months of planning and making sure every detail is perfect—you’ve made it! Take a few minutes at least once throughout the day to step back and just be present. Don’t worry about what’s next on the timeline or if all the chairs have been set up at the ceremony (a wedding planner will take care of it). Just breathe it all in and savor your special day.

2. Remember to have your bouquets delivered to the getting ready location.

Brides often forget to have their bouquets delivered to them instead of to the church or ceremony site. And while this isn’t the biggest deal, you will love your detail images even more if they include your beautiful flowers. Bouquets and boutonnieres can go through a bit of a beating over the course of the wedding day, so having them delivered to you in the morning will ensure that we get photos of them in all their fresh, beautiful glory!

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3. Remember to put together an emergency kit.

Have a close family member or bridesmaid carry a small emergency kit with them throughout the day. You can include things like a Tide-to-Go pen, bobby pins, a mini sewing kit, makeup for touch ups, dental floss, tissues, perfume, Ibuprofen or other over-the-counter medications, and a small snack or water bottle. You don’t necessarily have to carry this with you everywhere you go, but having it close by just in case can help set your mind at ease!

4. Remember to pack an extra pair of shoes.

Even the most beautiful pair of heels can take a toll on your feet by the time the reception comes around! Pack a pair of sandals or sparkly sneaks so that you can dance the night away!

5. Remember to thank your parents.

They’ve been with you through all of the ups and downs of this wonderfully hectic season of your life. They’ve invested their time, money, and energy in helping you and your fiancé have the perfect wedding day, so make sure to take a moment to thank them, give them a hug, and remind them just how much they mean to you.

Reminders for Your Wedding Day

6. Remember to eat at the reception!

Let’s be honest, food for a wedding is expensive! But it’s definitely a great way of treating your guests to something special. I’ve seen many a bride and groom have about two bites of their meal before being pulled off in another direction though! Remember to sit for a bit, rest your feet, fill your belly, and enjoy a moment with your spouse! It’s okay to tell family and friends who come up to you that you’ll talk to them after you’ve had your dinner—trust me, they’ll understand!

7. Remember to take a photo with your wedding planner, florist, or other vendors (maybe even me)!

Wedding planners and other vendors can quickly become dear friends as you work with them to bring the vision for your big day to life. Make sure to ask your photographer to snap a quick photo of you and your wedding planner or other vendors so that you have a special token of your time together.

8. Remember to dance with your friends – especially the wedding party.

They’ve been by your side through all the planning and throughout the (sometimes) hectic morning hours of the wedding day, making sure that you’re completely ready to walk down the aisle. Make sure to spend a bit of time with your pals on the dance floor, singing out loud to all your favorite songs from college and dancing to the songs that remind you of high school prom!

9. Remember to write down some memories in the evening or the day after your wedding.

The day after your wedding can be a little chaotic. There’s cleaning up to be done, honeymoon packing to finish, and other little details that can quickly pull you out of the bliss you felt the day before. On your wedding night or the day after, use a special journal (or even just a note in your phone) to write down some of your favorite memories. Share how you felt throughout the day and how exciting it all was. Later, you can go back to these notes to remember all of the incredible moments.

For those of you who have already been married, did I miss any reminders for your wedding day? Leave a comment if you have something to add!


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