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It’s Friday and you know what that means – another valued vendor Feature Friday profile!

If you’ve worked with me as a wedding couple, you know that I am happy to make recommendations about other vendors in the area.

Super, super. SUPER excited to share today’s vendor – DJ Jake of Washington Talent, the leading entertainment and talent conglomerate in the DC Metropolitan area. DJ Jake is the best, and little secret… we went to high school together. Every time I get to work with Jake, I know the wedding is going to be so fun. AND even better, I’ve been a guest at a handful of weddings that Jake has DJ’d and they’ve all been a blast.

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Let’s move to the interview!

What is your favorite part about your role as a DJ during wedding planning?

Wow, this is a tough one! My favorite part is talking with the newlyweds, and figuring out their vision for the evening. We discuss everything – from flow, to music, to pace of the evening. Every wedding is different, so I love figuring out what they’re picturing for their celebration.

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All photos in this post were taken by me and feature weddings that Jake DJ’d!

What is your favorite part about your role as a DJ during wedding days?

Okay, so my favorite part is knowing that I set the flow of the reception. I’m the guy with the microphone and the music, so knowing that I have to execute on the vision the couple has for their evening, it’s neat. Not saying at all that I’m the most important vendor because we’re all a team, but I’m responsible for setting the tone and getting people dancing or allowing folks to take a break so cake can get cut and such! It’s that bit of responsibility that really keeps me going every event.

What part of the wedding day is your favorite?

Always the first dance! Those moments are so real, and I love to see it and be apart of it!

How would you describe your business aesthetic?

I am here to deliver happiness one event at a time. That is belief over at Washington Talent Agency and I have completely bought into it.

What’s the hardest part of the behind the scenes when it comes to Your business?

Money. This is a first time experience for the couple. They really have no idea the cost of a wedding or what goes into pricing. Once that is out of the way, it’s a breeze!

What did your journey into the wedding industry look like?

I was born into this! My pops plays in the band Onyx from Washington Talent Agency. (**Nikki again, I’ve seen Onyx play, they’re awesome and kept the guests moving all night long + allowed for a special cameo from the brides musically talented brother!)

Before I started DJing, I had probably been to 300 weddings being the roadie for the band. I tried to be a musician and that was NOT my calling, but being a DJ… it is!

Now I’m doing about 100 events a year as a DJ and I couldn’t be happier to be in this industry!

What / who inspires your work?

The awesome couples I work with inspire me! We do this thing called marriage one time, failure just isn’t an option.

What advice do you have for couples planning their wedding?

I would say hire the right vendors, so you can reduce your stress. The right vendor team can make for a seamless wedding.

If you have the day off, what do you do?

What’s a day off? Kidding! I spend the day with my family and loved ones usually. I do like to travel a bit when I can. However, when I do have a weekend off, it is always a strange feeling for me. I’m always checking my schedule and feeling like I have something to do!


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