Nikki Takes California – Part 1 (29 Palms)

So back in September I embarked on a short adventure to California! I had only ever been in California twice before, and both times I was confined to the exhilarating (and horrendously painful) surrounding of Los Angeles Airport.

I flew into LAX again, but this time I was able to step foot out of the airport! I felt like Miley Cyrus in Party in the USA – “Jumped in the cab, here I am for the first time. Look to my right and I see the Hollywood sign. This is all so crazy, everybody seems so famous.”

Anyways, as soon as I got my luggage, I picked up my rental car (yes, you can rent a car under 25, incase you didn’t know), and I zoomed toward 29 Palms, CA. Now, if you are familiar with 29 Palms, you’re probably questioning why I bothered going to the desert. As you’ll see below, I went to see some of my absolute favorites – my cousin and her two little munchkin men! My cousin’s husband (who could only be more awesome if he weren’t a Gamecock), is a marine, and unfortunately was away during my visit.

I was absolutely exhausted when I arrived, but I was so excited to see them all. It was hot. There was no grass. Everything my cousin told me about it was absolutely true. However, it was neat to see their home and the landscape was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. It was so, so, so worth it to get to hang with the little guys. I think they might have been a little excited to see me, too.

On my second day there, she and I dropped the children off at school and we went and hiked around Joshua Tree National Park. THAT PLACE IS COOL. It looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book.

Other than that, I did a lot of playing with the boys and took photos and enjoyed myself!

Check out these photos from my time there & check back later to hear about my days in Santa Monica and San Francisco!

nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-18Photography by Nikki Schell One of my coolest cousins! nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-7 My favorite little men!nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-6Photography by Nikki Schellnikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-5nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-4nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-9nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-17
I liked this because it looks like an elephant.

nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-16nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-15Photography by Nikki Schellnikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-14Photography by Nikki Schellnikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-13Photography by Nikki Schellnikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-10nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-8nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-11nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-3 She has become a desert dog.  nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-2nikki-takes-california-photos-29-palms-1DCIM100GOPRO Photography by Nikki Schell Photography by Nikki Schell Photography by Nikki Schell Photography by Nikki Schell Photography by Nikki Schell Photography by Nikki Schell Photography by Nikki Schell       DCIM100GOPROPhotography by Nikki Schell



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