St. Thomas, USVI | Spring Break

I’m a spoiled, spoiled child. I’ve had the privileged of going to the caribbean more times than I can count. When I was 15, my parents bought property on St. Thomas, so the amount of time I’ve been able to go has increased dramatically since then. My parents were going down to St. Thomas for vacation and invited my brother and me, as well as 18 others, to join them. I like to call it Adult Spring Break, and I’ll tell you why shortly, but here are some tropical photos to get you amped for summertime.


Okay, so upon arrival, I put my bikini on and laid in the sun – greeted all the homies who arrived before I had, and got myself a painkiller. I anxiously awaited for my best friend to arrive, too. She arrives, everything is awesome. We have a spaghetti dinner on the roof of one of the units.

Day two, it’s overcast. But, we have a giant boat pick us up and take us to the BVI’s. We go to the Norman Island caves, we snorkel, take underwater pictures, jump off the top of the boat. It’s a lot of fun. We then boat over to Pirate’s Bight where we order a few drinks, sit on the beach, andddd watch our friends get engaged! After the proposal, we all hug and take some sort of shooter! Then we head to Willy T’s – a restaurant/bar that is in the middle of the ocean. We drink painkillers, eat, jump off the top deck of that boat, float in the water, and it’s enjoyable. We then head to Jost Van Dyke, specifically Soggy Dollar Bar… which gets its name because you have to jump in the water to get there. So we take our soggy dollars to Soggy Dollar and drink champagne, talk to strangers at the bar, and drink more painkillers (as they claim it’s home to the original painkiller). It’s a great day!

Day three, it’s overcast again. But, we go to St. John. My favorite island! We take the car ferry over, head to Maho Bay (my favorite place), snorkel with the sea turtles (my favorite thing!), and then pack it up. We then head to Coral Bay to eat some lunch at Shipwreck Landing. It was good. I ate a lobster roll. Then we head to Cruz Bay, walk around Mongoose Junction, hang out at Barefoot Cowboy, and then get back on the people ferry. We eat dinner at XO Bistro in Red Hook (all the girls had a white pants party that night – of course, I was the only one to spill anything)!

Day four, it’s beautiful. We lay in the sun. All day. For lunch, we got food from the pool bar – amazing sandwiches. But while there, a group of college students were there, too. They kept asking where we went (as in “where do you go to school?”) and I officially felt old because no only am I not in undergrad, but I’m also done with grad school, too. I told them we were on Adult Spring Break and they laughed. I didn’t find it that funny because we werreee on Adult Spring Break but oh well, maybe it was my delivery. We go to Sapphire Beach to find some fresh fish at the marina… they don’t have any. We have a steak and fresh fish dinner on the roof again.

Day five, it’s beautiful. We lay in the sun. All day. My best friend, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and I all get ready and go to St. John on the people ferry for a night out. We first go to Tap Room in Mongoose Junction and I see my pal Moriah, who has been living in the islands for almost a year now. Then we go to Rhumb Lines and have an amazing dinner. Then we go back to Mongoose Junction and get a to-go drink. Then we hop back on the people ferry.

Day six, it’s beautiful, again. We lay in the sun and pack up to leave because Adult Spring break doesn’t last forever.


And of course I have to share just a couple from the proposal because YAY!!!!!!


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