Why Should I Buy Professional Print Products

In our digital world, most photos that we take on a daily basis live on our phones or in the cloud. Sure, Facebook and Instagram are like scrapbooks where you can go back and relive your favorite memories. But even with having a huge catalog of images just a click away, I still encourage all of my clients to purchase print products once they receive their edited gallery.

But, I’m not talking about bringing a USB full of your images to CVS or Target to print them. Really, I encourage my clients to invest in print products from a professional printing lab.

Yes, the investment is a bit more for these products, but hear me out:

it’s all about quality, quality, quality

Let’s start off with some of the technical things before diving into the more sentimental reasons:

After your big day, I carefully go through and curate the best images, then spend time editing them so that the colors are true to life and match the light-filled, bright style you’re used to seeing from me. Professional print labs know how to prepare images for printing on a variety of mediums to make products that maintain those true-to-life colors and brightness that really bring the pictures to life. And the actual materials for the products from a print lab are high-quality stuff, superior to anything you can get at your local convenience store. 

Longevity is a word that comes to mind when talking about professional print products.

My parents have been married for 35 years. They ordered a wedding album through a professional print lab, and even after all this time, their album is in pristine condition. On the other hand, we’ve had photos from family gatherings printed in a photobook from various online sites, and those print books are dinged, scratched, and dented. They aren’t more than 5-10 years old but are totally beat up just from regular use. And you know I’m the younger sibling, so my parents don’t have any little kids or animals putting the wear and tear on them—it’s just from flipping through them on occasion!

Your photos, especially your wedding photos are so much more than just images. They are memories from a very precious, exciting day in your life. And those memories deserve the VIP treatment!

These products are also heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations. Your love story is a treasure and something special to be shared with your children, grandchildren, and so on. Just imagine that years from now, how you and your spouse can inspire young people with your wedding photos: that’s a pretty powerful idea to me.

Are you ready to have your photos printed by the pros? Reach out to say hi, and let’s talk about how we can showcase your images!

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