Winter Engagement Session: Tips and Tricks

winter engagement session tips

As I type this it is sleeting out and has been between the temperatures of like 7 – 20 degrees out the last week or so. I hate it. The cold is the worst.

And I’m tempted to respond to the topic of “winter engagement session tips and trips” with a big ole “DON’T. DO. IT.” But that would be counter intuitive to me typing in the first place.

So here are just a few tips and tricks for having a successful winter engagement session.

1. Location

Opt for a place that is EXTRA wintery. Think mountains, tree farms, snowy fields, or downtown locations with pretty twinkly lights. All of these will photograph beautifully in the winter. You’ll want to stay away from particular locations that’ll look dead or just unusual for the time of year.

winter engagement session tips

2. Location pt. 2.

Opt for an indoor location. The winter is the perfect time for in-home sessions! In home engagement sessions allow you to cozy up on your couch in your comfy clothes and watch netflix while a photographer is capturing your natural cuddles and cuteness! If you’re in the DC area, there are also some amazing indoor spots that we have access to like the Library of Congress & National Gallery of Art!

winter engagement session tips

3. Outfits

Dress for the weather, duh. Comfy sweaters, scarves, blankets, boots, mittens, gloves, vests, you name it. BUNDLE UP. Cold weather always leads to some seriously cute images that are more natural thanks to everyone cuddling up extra hard in the winter. Bring hand warmers. Put them everywhere.

winter engagement session tips

4. Take Breaks

Don’t stray too far from the car because you’ll definitely want to hop in, crank up the heat, and get some good color into your face! Or hop into a coffee shop, get a cup of hot chocolate, and have some indoor shots taken there!

5. Now is the part where I can say “Don’t”

Think about how you handle the winter. Personally, I’m a miserable winter person. If I were trying to cuddle up with my man and attempt to be cute, it just wouldn’t work out – all you’d see would be my eyeballs and I wouldn’t hear the posing instructions over the thoughts in my head saying ~this sucks, I hate the cold, this sucks.~ So if you are like me, push your engagement session to another time when you’d be happier! If you are a winter person, GO FOR IT. Embrace the time of year! As a photographer, I love photographing cozy couples.


dc winter engagement session tips

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