Fenwick Island Portrait Session | Connor & Nathalie

November 16, 2020

This Fenwick Island portrait session is possibly the cutest set of photos I’ve taken all year!

Not only did I get to capture my cute friends Connor & Nathalie, but I also got to capture their sweet, adorable, amazing baby sheepadoodle puppy, Nieuwe! Also we were on the beach, so that never hurts.

So, this is fun. I’ve known Connor his entire life. His mom and my mom went to college together. His whole family is just an extension of my own – they’re some of the kindest and funniest people I know. Last year his dad even saved me when I got two flat tires on the side of the highway on my way to a wedding (will forever owe them big for that one). Plus, his family has introduced me to so many couples I’ve photographed (including Chris & Kait – Connor was in this one – and Cara & Carrington – Allie, Connor’s sister was in this one)!

Anyways, we’ve spent many celebrations together and life only got sweeter when we got to meet Nathalie! They met in Amsterdam in 2015 while traveling abroad – and their connection just boomed! I recall meeting Nathalie in Fenwick, but I don’t remember what year, but I can only imagine my family being a lot for her 😉 !

Their little pipsqueak – Nieuwe – is named after one of the streets of Amsterdam, which is so adorable, and then you look at her cute face and omg your heart explodes.

In October these two got married (yay) and a week or so ago, Jeff, Maho, and I stopped by to see them. Nieuwe is about double this size now!! These pups grow like weeds, it’s unreal.

Anyways, I love these photos so I hope you do too – enjoy this preview of their Fenwick Island portrait session 🙂