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Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Unplugged wedding ceremonies are all the rage these days. And trust me, as a wedding photographer, I’m loving it! It tends to make my job a bit easier and it makes the ceremony photos less distracting. But in my experience, even unplugged ceremonies have a guest or two snapping photos on their phones.

For some photographers, guests stepping into a shot with their phone camera is one of the most frustrating things that can happen during a ceremony. While I have to admit that it can be frustrating, I understand that the person stepping out into the aisle to grab a shot of the processional was invited because they are important to my bride and/or groom. That person is SO excited to be there, seeing someone they care about walking down the aisle to marry the love of their life.

unplugged wedding ceremony

Obviously it’s important to me that my clients feel comfortable and taken care of on their wedding day, and it is just as important to me that guests feel taken care of and welcome as well! If a relative wants to get a family photo on their phone, I’m happy to grab one on my DSLR and then use their phone for a shot. It makes me happy to see everyone’s excitement during these very special and important occasions.

Now, you’re probably wondering, Nikki, how can we balance giving our guests the chance to take a photo at the ceremony, but still asking them to be present with us for the vows?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

My recommendation is to have your officiant make an announcement that this is an unplugged wedding ceremony when he or she arrives at the altar. Ask him or her to inform guests that they will have a chance to take a photo after the processional (once the wedding party has made their way down the aisle).

The officiant can ask that everyone keep their phones away for a few minutes to allow the professional photographer and/or videographer to capture these special memories of the processional for the couple. Once the couple is at the altar, the officiant can then invite everyone to take a photo and then to put the phones away and be present for the rest of the ceremony.

I think this is the best of both worlds! This allows the professionals to get stunning images for the couple and lets the guests have their own photo or two to preserve the memory.

What do you think about this method for unplugged wedding ceremonies? Leave a comment to share your thoughts on this trend!

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