Wedding Party Prep for Your Big Day

There is nothing better than having your closest friends and/or family standing by your side on your wedding day. Having said that, sometimes having them around can look a little bit like herding kittens, LOL! Here are a few tips to keep everyone moving in the right direction, having fun, and enjoying EVERY part of celebrating with you!

Here are a few wedding party prep tips and tricks to make sure everyone is ready for your wedding day!

Give an Arrival Time

Set an arrival time for your wedding party. Let them know explicitly where they need to be and when. We all have at least one friend or family member that lives by the saying, “they will be late to their own funeral.” LIE to them! Haha! Tell everyone else a time to be there and then tell those special people to arrive a half-hour earlier. As long as you have drinks and snacks waiting for them, they will not even mind that you lied to them. More than likely, they know they are always late and need that push. So save yourself some stress and just do it. (But do not forget the drinks and snacks – they will ease any tension #protip)!

When to Be Dressed

Arrival time and time to be dressed are two completely different times. Once your friends arrive, they will most likely settle in, have a drink or two, get a bite to eat, and very possibly…chat with everyone they come into contact with. This is all completely fine! That is why we will establish a time for them to be fully dressed and ready to go.

Now, keep in mind that some people will linger as long as possible, and wardrobe malfunctions do happen. So, give them a window to get dressed, which is about 30 minutes in length. This is just a time for them to get dressed; it does not mean that you have to be dressed.

Limit the Alcohol

I know… I know – it is fun to relax and enjoy the moments before the wedding with your friends by having a drink or two or seven. There is nothing wrong with that, and I am not here to judge you. Just ask everyone to keep it to a smiley level of tipsy (rather than an eyes-almost-shut level) until they get to the reception.

Most think they can handle their alcohol really well. However, they are usually not imbibing in the full sun, on a 100-degree day, dressed in a full tux… etc. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I have watched a wedding party member pass out, puke, or not be able to open their eyes enough for photos. They usually tend to look a little like death in the wedding pictures, not the look you want to be remembered for, trust me. Oh, and again, do not forget the snacks. They will soak up a bit of the alcohol for anyone that thinks they are in it to win it!

Put Someone In Charge

It’s a wedding day, which means that chaos and confusion are sure to make an appearance today! Curb them by putting one person on either side of the wedding party in charge of the others. These people are going to be your super coordinators. They will take the lead on knowing where things are/where everyone should be. And they help keep people from stressing you out!

De-Wrinkle the Goods

Once you arrive, take the dresses and suits out of their garment bags and let them hang. We want to give those great threads a chance to breathe and relax before somebody slips into them! If someone has access to a small steamer, tell them to bring it along. Or, you can buy one for around $20 on Amazon. They are super helpful at getting those pesky hanger lines to release.

Have Fun

Through everything, remember to have fun with your wedding party. They chose to stand next to you because they love you, want the best for you, and truly support your decision to marry your best friend. Just remember how much you love them and that you are happy they are there to share your day with you.

Wedding Party Prep Checklist

  • Give an arrival time. 
  • Designate a time to be fully dressed.
  • Limit alcohol (at least until after photos).
  • Have some snacks and drinks available. 
  • Put someone in charge.
  • De-wrinkle dresses and suits 
  • Have fun!

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