Baltimore Harbor Engagement | C & M

August 21, 2018

Okay, but really, how great is Baltimore?

I don’t spend enough time up there but every time I go, I really, really enjoy it! It’s just got a cool vibe to it. The last time I was there was for this cutie couples Baltimore Harbor engagement session!! It was at an awesome spot called Harborview.

Let me tell you about this couple and this session for a minute before we get to the first photos I’m blogging in MONTHS.

So first of all, we originally scheduled this photo session for Thursday, June 7th. Do you know what actually happened on that date? Not this session. Do you know why? Because this couple reached out to me, realizing I was a HUGE Washington Caps fan, saying we could schedule it for another date because they knew a Caps game was that night. Being a business lady, I was like ~no, no, that isn’t necessary, it’s totally alright, I don’t like to reschedule anything for my own personal situations~ but they were like ~nah, watch the game.~ And I am now forever grateful for them because the Caps won the Stanley Cup that night and I cried happy tears in a bar. I profusely thanked them at their engagement session and they said that while they weren’t necessarily hockey fans, they would definitely have wanted to reschedule if it were like the O’s in the world series or something – sports people are the best.


Okay, now that you realize I’m forever indebted to them, let me tell ya about them a little. Not only are they just so cute as you can see from the pictures, but they’re so fun. They travel all over the friggin’ country constantly. I can’t keep up with them on Instagram because they’re always on the go. Since our first conversation about 6 months ago, I swear they’ve been to 8 or 9 states. Maybe more.

Mike proposed to Cassie in Venice (casual) while they were on a little European tour, which all started with the Raven’s game that was played in London. During their engagement session, Mike mentioned that he had been nervous about carrying the ring through airport security and was a little afraid TSA would ruin the surprise. Thankfully they didn’t and Cassie was over the moon when he proposed! I had a lot of fun hearing about some of their upcoming trips during the engagement session!

One of the main things that I really connected with Cassie with about wedding photography was how she told me that her family is really close and how growing up they’d look through her aunt and uncles wedding albums as well as dig up her parents wedding video and how she is excited for those moments years down the road showing her kids, nieces, and nephews! This is so much in line with what I preach as a photographer and also what I love! I once dedicated a blog post to my parents wedding album and I’ve ranted about printing out your photos more times than I can count.

ANYWAYS, this night on the water in Baltimore was so beautiful and so are they. I cannot wait for their wedding next Spring!!

Check out a preview of their Baltimore Harbor engagement session!