Bethany Beach Engagement Photos | Meg & Alex

October 1, 2018

Bethany Beach Engagement Photos

Ugh, this may be my favorite shoot ever. The beach, my best friend, her best friend, sunshine, happiness for days… it was a great one.

The morning after Alex proposed to Megan, we went up to Bethany to take some engagement photos BRIGHT and EARLY, much to Alex’s dismay.

It could not have been a more beautiful morning and not much makes me happier than the beach and my friends being happy, so this was great.

The entire time, Alex was making us all crack up. It made for some great photos and I think think it really captured their relationship so well. He’s always making her laugh and being kind of a dork (ily Alex, dorkiness is appreciated in my world).

These two are getting married next year and I am SO, SO, SO excited. Their happiness together is amazing and I’m so elated that I’ve been able to see their relationship grow and change and cannot wait for their married life to bring them even more joy.


Check out their happy Bethany Beach engagement photos below!

Note: I want to say that I took these photographs on an OLD Canon Rebel – the day before, I had a mishap with my professional camera and the only back up camera I had was my original DSLR, which I was gifted in 2009. The reason I’m saying this is because so many times I get told “Your camera takes amazing photographs!” and I really want to say “Your computer writes great papers” or “Your guitar makes great music.” So I’m telling you this because I took this with a camera that is typically associated with brand new photographers and is drastically different than my professional gear that I used on a daily basis! And they still came out beautifully despite the fact that I used a different camera!