DC Engagement in Georgetown | D & D

August 22, 2018

A few things that make my heart sing:

couples who are super chic, couples who want to do their engagement photos in Georgetown, and couples who are very easy going. Devin and Drew are all three of those things and I am so excited to share some photos from their DC engagement session in Georgetown!

Devin and Drew’s love story is pretty classic – they met at work. What isn’t classic is the way Drew proposed. Truthfully, I thought they were messing with me when they first told me the story because it’s just so different!

One night, while Devin was sleeping, Drew slipped the ring on her finger. Thankfully she did not wake up when he did this. When she woke up in the morning, she felt it and was like “What?!” and Drew was waiting with champagne and strawberries.

How fun is that?! When he told me, Drew nonchalantly said, “I put it on her finger while she was asleep” and I was just like, “wait, really?” I absolutely love how casual that is! It should definitely be a scene in some romcom movie.

We walked around the cute streets of Georgetown and captured some very cute photos of the two of them. I’m super excited for their upcoming wedding in Bethesda!

Check out a peek at their DC engagement session in Georgetown (and look how chic they are)!


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